Tuesday, February 9, 2010


For those of you who plan on attending Mardi Gras next week, I have news for you. You're late. Mardi Gras actually started early this year. I don't think anyone has left Bourbon Street since Sunday Night..

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints, 2009 Super Bowl Champions. What a game that was. And you're going to have to give me some credit, since I predicted the outcomes from the last two playoff rounds (AFC NFC champ/Super Bowl). Pretty impressive, huh? But you need to give all the credit in the world to New Orleans, they played their hearts out. Everyone loves a fairy tale ending, and for the Saints it most definitely was one. After Hurricane Katrina, the city was left in shambles, the Saints weren't a playoff team, and there were

people left homeless. What a way to reward them with the Lombardi Trophy!

So before the game even started, I would listen to all of the professional sports writers/analysists talk about how it won't even be close. A blow out for a Super Bowl has to be one of the most boring games to watch..behind the Pro Bowl. So I said, even if the Colts were to win, let it be a close game. What shocked me most was the halftime score..10-6. You knew both of these teams were going to put points on the board, but with that as a halftime score definitely shocked me. The second half was the best part to watch. I posted on my Twitter that if an MVP trophy could go to a coach, Sean Payton could definitely take the cake. (No criticism towards Drew Brees, he had an amazing game). Starting off the quarter with an onside kick was so gutsy, especially if it had not fell through, Peyton Manning would've gotten the ball at midfield. And then of course the 2 Point Conversion he challenged was a huge game changer. But obviously the biggest momentum swing was the pick for 7 by Tracy Porter. I felt as if I
were at a baseball game, and when the batter makes contact with the ball you know it's gone, so you start going crazy right away. When Porter ran it in, I knew this game was over.
     I made a point on my Twitter that this has been the first time i've been satisfied after a Super Bowl since 2004 when the Patriots defeated Philadelphia. 2005: Steelers,
2006: Colts, 2007: ..I Forget 2008: Steelers. Those teams are probably the teams I dislike the most. So finally, a team I was rooting for takes the trophy. Good for these guys.
  2 more things. Dwight Freeney my man, you are a beast. I really believed after your sack that you were back and ready to make hell for Brees. Unfortunately, your medicine wore off, and you disappeared after half. All in all, way to be a team player, and truly giving your all to play this past Sunday. Anyone else notice they never cut to Kim Kardashian once! But my beliefs are that if it was airing on FOX (don't know why it was on CBS this year?) they would've been cutting to her or Archie Manning plenty of times. It was a hell of a Super Bowl this year, and hopefully the Patriots can acquire some pass rushers this offseason and go back to being the competitors they are capable of being. Now time to watch the Saints Parade at 6!


   So about a week ago, I won tickets to the Lakers vs. Celtics game. Thanks to Shelden Wiliams for his extreme generosity, he selected my creative Celtics fan video as the winner. Not only did I win 3 tickets (seats were great) I received 3 post game passes. Shelden Williams has to be one of the most laid back, coolest athletes I've met. After chatting with him about the ridiculous calls at the end of the game and taking pictures, me my girlfriend and her sister decided to stay a little longer. Mainly to see who would come out of the player tunnel. It was mostly Laker players like, Luke Walton (rocking his Laker headphones) Jordan Farmar, Andrew Bynum, and Ron Artest. I waved to Ron Artest and he recognized the wave, but deep down I wanted to give him a little nudge so he could fly into the second row of seats again. What an acting job. My girlfriend loves Ray Allen, and to her surprise out he comes from the tunnel. Unfortunately security was getting ridiculously tight, so no picture with Ray.

But I'm here to talk about the Celtics. They're hard to figure out sometimes. But I believe this All Star break will be big for them. It's time for everyone to rest their injuries. They recently got Marquis Daniels back, so now they should be coming out of this break full force. And luckily for them, the schedule only gets harder. Matchups with the Lakers and Cavaliers will be the tests to see if this team can compete with these playoff teams. Whatsup with getting swept by the Hawks, and losing 3 out of 4 to Orlando. These guys will probably be who we'll play in the playoffs. There are some players on the bench that I believe that Doc should give some minutes. Shelden for instance should be getting the push instead of Glen Davis. Glen isn't being productive enough off the bench, so why keep going with it when you can try something new. Neither Rasheed. When players struggle you got to have options also, until they can get their form back. I know Doc's mentality is he'll take whatever seed for the playoffs, he'd just rather have a healthy team. A big game against New Orleans is coming up so it's time to go out with a bang. 
    Also Ray Allen trade rumors? Kevin Martin? Kirk Heinrich? Tyrus Thomas? I don't know what to think. I know he's been having some hard times here and there, but this team is definitely playoff bound, and Ray is known as one of the most clutch/best playoff scorers in the NBA. This team is going to be entering it's reconstruction mode in a couple of years, so we need to get that ring soon!

Sorry for the delay with blog posts. I decided to take a week off with the Super Bowl players! But i'll keep these updated as much as I can. *Also, baseball fans! Spring Training is coming up very soon, it's time to get excited for that!

So let me know what you think. I want to hear!

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Anonymous said...

Great update my man. I'm hoping the Nets don't get the record this year for the worst team in NBA history but it's looking like it will happen. Oh well. Hope for John Wall! Don't let the C's trade Ray Allen, he's way too clutch.

I'm counting down the days till baseball season. Sox vs Yanks opening day!

Tracy Porter, you are the man. I was absolutely speechless when he picked off Peyton and it hit me that the Saints were going to win the Super Bowl.

Oh yeah, in 07 I know who won the Super Bowl. THE NEW YORK GIANTS!